5 Reasons You Should Ship Products In Poly Mailers

The days of you struggling with bulky, obtuse boxes when shipping products are over. Don’t waste time, money and effort trying to ship goods when you could do so with lightweight, eco-friendly poly mailers.

There’s no better place to buy your poly mailers than a la mode Mailers. Our custom packaging allows you to grow your business while creating a brand that your customers will love to be a part of. Learn more about some of the benefits you can enjoy by shipping with poly mailers below.

Reduced Shipping Cost

Though they may seem unharmful in the early going, shipping costs can become a massive burden as your business grows. Those costs will only increase if you continue to ship using traditional methods and boxes. The last thing you should worry about as a business owner is finding a way to get customers your products after they commit to your company.

With poly mailers from a la mode Mailers, you can save money and ensure your valued customers receive their goods and continue returning to your business. Their lightweight yet spacious design allows you to pack the same amount as you could in a bulky box for a fraction of the price. 

Tear and Water Resistant

Made from a combination of recycled plastic, poly mailers offer the perfect blend of strength, flexibility and versatility for your shipping needs. The polyethylene material is stretchy enough to fit obscurely shaped objects without tearing but strong enough to block out water or other potential harmful scratches.


Using boxes to pack products can become frustrating and time consuming. Not only do you often need to assemble the box when buying in bulk, you also need tape and patience to finish the packaging.

Those frustrations are gone when you ship with poly mailers. Shaped like envelopes, it becomes easy to open the package and slide in any product you are sending off. The easiest function of our customized packaging comes from the seal, though. Simply peel off the adhesive protection at the top of the bag and fold it over to lock your items in with ease. Struggling with tape and boxes is no longer necessary; just peel and seal to send your packages off with ease!


At a la mode Mailers, we care committed to serving our customers while protecting the environment. Our poly mailers prove just that by offering you the functionality to easily ship goods and doing so in an eco-friendly manner.

Our shipping envelopes are made from 100% recyclable low-density polyethylene that can be recycled anywhere. Plus, our newest products offer a double-use seal. This allows customers to tear off the initial adhesive seal and use the second seal for returns or personal use. Our goal when starting a la mode Mailers was to offer unique shipping solutions that are environmentally conscious, and that is exactly what we continue to do.


There is no better way to promote your business, product or personal brand than through custom packaging with a la mode Mailers. When a customer receives a product in the mail, the first thing they see is the packaging. Why waste an opportunity to make your business known with a clunky, dull box when you could ship with a custom-designed poly mailer?

You can choose between our latest designs or contact one of our designers to have your custom packages shipped to you. Put a smile on your customers’ faces from the moment they see their package.

If you are looking to stand out from the competition at an affordable price and in an eco-friendly fashion, contact us today to order your poly mailers!

Written by Jonathan Hodiak