A Closer Look at Our Poly Mailers

It’s officially holiday season, which means you are likely already shipping out online orders to your customers. If you haven’t already made the switch to poly mailers, we have the custom mailers your business needs to make a statement this holiday season!

Our bubble mailers make it easier than ever for you to ship products safely, affordably, and stylishly. Available in multiple sizes and styles, you’re sure to find the perfect mailer for you and your company. Plus, you can now take advantage of our limited edition ‘Hipster Santa’ poly mailer. Keep reading below as we break down the specs of our custom poly mailers, then order yours today!


Our poly materials combine strength, versatility, and design all while remaining environmentally conscious. Using lightweight, recycled plastic, à la mode Mailers equips you with the strongest poly mailers available. Made from low-density polyethylene, you can recycle our mailers anywhere.

This lightweight material is strong enough to prevent rips and tears, flexible enough to protect obscure objects, and water resistant to keep your products safe from the winter weather! All of our mailers are made using the same strong material, so browse our mailers today to find your favorite design.


We offer two sizes of poly mailers to ensure you have the perfect amount of room when shipping your products. 

  • 10 inches by 13 inches — The smallest of our two poly mailers, this option is available in all of our designs and provides the perfect space for most shipments of apparel, books, accessories, and more.
  • 12.5 inches by 15 inches — For heftier orders, such as shoes and sweatshirts, we have larger poly mailers available in select styles. If you need a little extra room for more crowded orders, give this size a try.

Our 10-by-13 mailers come with 100 mailers per package while the 12.5-by-15 option includes 50 mailers. As a bonus, you receive free shipping on all orders. Select your favorite mailers today!


Say goodbye to struggling with boxes and packing tape — custom mailers from à la mode Mailers make packing, sealing, and shipping simple. If you’re sending products, simply remove the adhesive protective strip at the top of the bag, fold one side over the other, and seal your product with ease!

If you’re receiving something in our poly mailers, all you need to do is locate the perforated tab and pull to open. There’s no more hassle with cutting open the package and potentially damaging the product. 

To further our eco-friendly efforts, we make our poly mailers reusable with a double-use seal. After the initial perforated tab is pulled, you can remove a second adhesive strip to reseal the mailer with your own products.  

If you are ready to make an eco-friendly, cost-effective switch for your eCommerce company, or if you want to impress friends and family this holiday season, our custom poly mailers are the perfect option. Browse our available styles now, or visit or Amazon page to purchase limited edition mailers today!

Written by Jonathan Hodiak