A Look At Our Eco-Friendly Poly Mailers

Here at à la mode Mailers, we understand that our footprint goes beyond our ability to provide businesses with custom poly mailers. From the beginning, it’s been our top priority to create eco-friendly poly mailers, and we vowed to let nothing get in the way of that.

Since then, we’ve provided eCommerce business owners throughout the nation with a customizable, environmentally conscious way to ship goods to their customers, and you could be next! We make customizing your poly mailers easier than ever, as our design team collaborates directly with you to bring your idea to life. Continue reading below to learn more about our environmentally safe practices, then order your custom poly mailers today! 

Our Materials for Eco-Friendly Poly Mailers

Our mailers are constructed using low-density polyethylene (LDPE) plastic. This lightweight material makes poly mailers a cost-effective solution for shipping goods of various weights and complexities as it provides protection and flexibility. But LDPE is also an environmentally friendly shipping solution.

As opposed to other shipping methods, LDPE packaging options require less energy to make and less overall packaging material by weight, according to a study conducted by the American Chemistry Council. Not only that, LDPE products — also considered #4 plastics — are becoming accepted at more and more recyclers nationwide. 

When recycled properly, these products can be used for garbage can liners, floor tiles, plastic lumber, paneling, landscaping boards, and much more. While curbside recycling programs are accepting of rigid LDPE products — plastic bottles, lids, etc. — more flexible LDPE products typically must be recycled at a drop-off recycling location. These are becoming more and more popular across the nation, giving you plenty of opportunities to recycle our custom poly mailers.

Double-Use Seal

One of the newest additions that we’ve made to our custom poly mailers is a double-use seal. In the past, poly mailers were built for single use as the recipient of the package would rip the perforated seal to open the bag. Over time, we realized that LDPE is strong enough to be reused without the materials tearing. 

That led us to the design of our new poly mailers which feature an additional perforation under the initial seal. After opening the bag, the user can easily return items or reuse the package by removing the covering on the second adhesive strip and folding the top closed as if it were a new bag. The second recipient can simply tear off the top using the second perforated seal.

Environmental Causes

As our business continues to grow, we view it as our duty to support causes and organizations whose missions are akin to ours. From supporting endangered animals to backing eco-friendly movements, we donate a portion of our profits to causes everyone can get behind, and you can have a direct impact on those donations.

To learn more about ways we are remaining environmentally conscious, feel free to reach out to our team. If you’re ready to start your own custom orders, begin collaborating with a designer today!

Written by Jonathan Hodiak