à la mode mailers is happy to kick off our charitable giving efforts, made possible by customers like you!  From now on a portion of all profits will be donated to animal conservation causes close to our hearts, and our first partnership is with Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre, South Africa.  HESC's first conservation goal was bringing cheetahs back from the brink of extinction due to a deep connection Lente had to the wild cats.  Cheetahs have now been downgraded from endangered to vulnerable and their program has expanded to include other native animals.  

In may of this year HESC resident Shelley gave birth to 4 healthy cubs who are all THRIVING.  HESC has proven that captive breed cheetahs can be released into the wild through a process of rewilding and that is their goal.  Fun fact: Cheetah cubs are born with a silvery mantle.  The mantle is thought to provide camouflage and protection from predators in that it causes the cubs to resemble a honey badger – an aggressive little creature that is mostly avoided by predators because of its fierceness. The mantle is also thought to help regulate the cubs’ temperature against rain and the heat of the sun.  

Update: Now I have to be a honey badger for Halloween.

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