Our current partnership with Rhino Revolution is funding the protection of Rhinos in South Africa. Rhino Revolution is a leading force in Rhino conservation and they need our help, now more than ever.

Rhinos are being killed (poached) for their horn which is sold on the black market. Rhino Revolution humanely removes as much of the horn as possible to discourage poachers from taking their horn. Rhino horns develop from tissues called keratin, the same material found in our hair and fingernails. Dehorning the Rhinos is not painful and is much like clipping our fingernails. 

Our goal is provide funding and raise awareness to their cause. We hope you get to know these animals a little better and are moved to help do your part in protecting this species.

Here is Rhino Revolution's Manager, Anna Mussi, to share more.



Rhino Revolution is located just miles away from Kruger National Park, one of Africa's largest game reserves - an area in desperate need as many Rhinos are found here.

Rhino Revolution believes that a key factor in stopping poaching is to work alongside the local communities to address educational needs and to assist in sustainable poverty alleviation. In addition to being a leading force in Rhino conservation, Rhino Revolution works closely with the following organizations:

Nourish & Green Kidz Project

Weekly lessons in conservation are given to primary school children aged 8-14 by Rhino Revolution members. 

Wild Shots Outreach

Photography students attend and document Rhino dehornings and other relevant conservation activities. The student feedback demonstrates that the impact of these experiences is profound.

HALO (Hoedspruit Animal Outreach)

In their spare time, Rhino Revolution's Rehab Team helps HALO assist the local communities with their domestic animals. HALO's goal is to improve animal health and living conditions, prevent and alleviate suffering of domestic animals, and encourage spaying and neutering of pets and vaccination programs. This is a vital part in preventing the spread of disease to African wildlife.