Sticky, sweet, ice-cream themed poly mailers designed by online sellers for online sellers. Inspire your repeat customers with our trendy, environmentally conscious, and durable poly mailers. 

With over 3,200 5-Star reviews, you know you will receive a product that gets the same care and attention as you give your business. 

What is à la mode Mailers?

à la mode Mailers was founded on business expertise and an artistic spirit by online sellers in the culture rich state of North Carolina. Aside from empowering the online selling community we are actively involved in wildlife conservation in South Africa. Every month, a portion of proceeds is donated to the organization we have partnered with to support their conservation efforts. By purchasing our mailers you are saving lives of some of the most endangered animals in the world. 

What makes us special?

Staying engaged with our customers is everything to us. Whether it's providing world-class customer service, listening to your feedback, or making sure your order is fulfilled as quickly as possible we want to feel like an extension of your business - ready to help you achieve your goals. As our business grows, so does our responsibility to the environment. Our main goal is to offer beautiful, eco-friendly poly mailers and help protect the causes we care about. To learn more, see our Save The Rhinos page. 

What are we doing to be environmentally conscious?

Our mailers are #4 plastics and can be recycled anywhere. We also include a double-use seal that makes each poly mailer reusable. With two separate seals, you can use your mailer twice - perfect for customer returns, second use, or storing inventory. We also include the #4 plastic recycle symbol on the bottom of our mailers.

What makes our poly mailers unique?

They are inspired by YOU! The feedback we receive from our customers is used to create new designs, make improvements, and deliver a better product. We want to engage with our customers and collaborate together.

Can we custom design mailers for you?

Yes. No matter how big, our production team is equipped to bring your vision to life. For more details, please click this link.