Poly mailers are a fantastic alternative to traditional shipping methods. Not only do they benefit you — the eCommerce owner — in terms of shipping costs, versatility, and branding, poly mailers also let your customers know they are valued. There are many ways to ship products, but none of them bring to the table what custom poly mailers do. So, why should you use poly mailers for your online business?

Improve Customer Satisfaction

If customers are always right, shouldn’t they be the first priority in every decision you make as a business owner? Especially in the online environment that eComm business owners interact in, ensuring the satisfaction and well-being of your customer base is crucial. There are rarely face-to-face interactions that allow you to show the true character of you and your business, so eComm owners have to get creative in their customer-interaction tactics.

Custom poly mailers make that hurdle easier than ever before as they allow you to create positive interactions before customers even open their order. Aside from the initial design that is sure to catch their eye, custom poly mailers are loaded with many things that can indirectly improve customer satisfaction.

UNIQUE — Your customers are unique, as are you, so why should your packaging be any different? When someone receives their order in a custom poly mailer rather than a traditional cardboard box, it shows that they are more than just an order number. This can be invaluable in creating lasting relationships that keep them coming back for more!
REUSABLE — Our custom poly mailers are crafted using low-density polyethylene plastic, making them an eco-friendly shipping solution. We value our commitment to the environment and know that many small businesses, eComm companies, and consumers throughout the world do as well. When a customer receives their package in recyclable material, this can often create a sense of trust. Plus, many custom poly mailers include a second adhesive seal that allows customers to reuse the package rather than dispose of it immediately after opening.
PROTECTION — Every customer expects to receive their goods safely and without damage, but the fact of the matter is that is not always the case. From water damage to improper sealing, cardboard boxes add potential threats to the goods inside. Poly mailers remove many of those dangers thanks to their waterproof material and strong adhesive seal.
SIMPLICITY — Poly mailers are incredibly simple to use. Rather than struggling to rip through the tape on cardboard boxes or risk damaging a product by opening the box with scissors, poly mailers include a perforated rip tab that make accessing the goods safer and easier than ever.

Save Money

As eComm business owners ourselves, we understand how quickly expenses can add up. Seemingly everything you do takes away from your overall profit, and we want to help you save money using poly mailers. How do poly mailers help you save money?

PER UNIT — Everything you sell online must be shipped in some kind of package, and poly mailers are one of the most affordable options available. When bought in bulk, poly mailers cost you pennies on the dollar for what the same number of cardboard boxes would cost.
WEIGHT— Depending on the number of orders you are fulfilling, the weight of the material can quickly add up to have a significant impact on shipping costs. While the weight of the actual good is often the heaviest part of the package, that is not always the case. Think about single orders of shirts, photos, and other extremely lightweight items. There is no need to add extra weight by shipping in heavier cardboard boxes. Poly mailers add minimal weight to all packages, ultimately resulting in lower costs.
EXTRA MATERIALS — When using cardboard boxes to ship, the box is just the first per-unit cost you must consider before adding on packing tape, extra product bags, and other secondary shipping supplies. Poly mailers, on the other hand, have everything you need built into the package itself! With an easy-to-use adhesive seal, there is no need to consider extra costs of shipping supplies.

All of these tactics add up to save you money over time and reduce the overall cost of shipping. Not only does this keep more money in your pocket, it can open the doors for you to reduce — or in some cases completely eliminate — the shipping costs that customers pay. In turn, this builds even more customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Utilize Custom Branding

Custom poly mailers do more than just make the customers happy. Sure, every customer would much rather receive a package with the friendly designs, logos, and slogans on it from their trusted brand than a dull, ugly cardboard box. But custom-branded poly mailers also have a much larger impact on your company’s potential branding as a whole.

Think about the dozens of people that will see that package — and potentially your brand. While you may not realize it, a simple delivery can put your brand in front of dozens of people — post office workers who direct the order, delivery drivers who deliver the product, neighbors passing by during the arrival. Make the most out of those opportunities with custom poly mailers that get people thinking about your brand.

Once the delivery is complete, the branding is just beginning. Think back to the customer satisfaction that all of this relies on. Packaging is a very integral part of the entire experience that online shoppers enjoy, and when you go above and beyond what is expected, they are more likely to do some secondary branding for you! From reusing the poly mailer with your brand already on it to simply sending a photo of the custom packaging to their friends, this is an outstanding way to continue growing your business.

Boost Versatility

Not only are poly mailers more attractive, less expensive, and more pleasing to customers, they also make your job easier from start to finish. Our poly mailers are available in multiple sizes, making them perfect for small orders, large orders, and anywhere in between. No more struggling to find the perfect box or stuffing it full of fillers just to ensure the product doesn’t rattle around.

Poly mailers themselves are among the most versatile packaging options available. The low-density polyethylene plastic is flexible enough to fit soft pieces of clothing as well as some more rigid items, including books, bottles, artwork, and so much more. At the same time, they are strong enough to prevent rips and tears from damaging the product inside, and their waterproof design adds another layer of protection that other packaging techniques cannot compete with.

Nothing Competes With Poly Mailers

No other type of packaging can offer all of the benefits that poly mailers do. They also come with plenty of other bonuses, including

STREAMLINED PROCESS — Packing poly mailers includes two steps — pack and seal. Simply slide the product into the sleeve and seal it using the adhesive tab on the mailer. This removes the assembling, folding, taping, and stuffing that becomes tiresome and time-consuming when shipping with traditional cardboard boxes.
COMPACT — Poly mailers virtually always take up less space due to their sleek, flat, and compact design. This makes it easier to handle large loads and keeps your workspace or warehouse free from extra clutter.
INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY — Because poly mailers are so much easier to pack and handle, you spend less time worrying about packaging and more time focusing on things that matter to the success of your business.

When you examine them closely, the benefits of poly mailers compared to traditional shipping methods are plentiful. From improving customer satisfaction to saving you some money and putting your brand in front of more eyes, custom poly mailers make sense for eCommerce business of all sizes.

At à la mode Mailers, we are so proud of our talented team of design specialists ready to assist you in your custom poly mailer design. We’re here to help you grow your business, and we believe custom poly mailers are one of the most creative ways to do so. Ever since our foundation, we’ve been able to combine our passion for custom packaging and design with environmental conservation in a unique manner, and we can’t wait to team up with you. When you’re ready to bring your design to life, get started with a custom poly mailer design today!