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Welcome to à la mode Mailers, where helping you grow your business is our business. Think briefly about the first thing your customers see when receiving an online order. It’s not the product itself or the handwritten thank you note included inside — it’s the actual packaging!

That’s why we made it our mission to offer business owners the best custom packaging options for their goods, allowing you to make an immediate impression on your customers. Whether you ship your goods in one of our ice-cream themed poly mailers or choose to add your own branding through custom poly mailers, your customers will be that much happier when receiving their product.

In addition to impressing your clientele with custom packaging, you can be confident in the strength and simplicity that poly mailers offer compared to traditional shipping boxes. Your customers won’t have to struggle to rip through packing tape or risk cutting themselves on sharp box edges — simply pull the perforated tab and open the bag! When you partner with à la mode Mailers, you can take advantage of these incredible benefits:

Custom Designs — We work with you to bring your design to life. From custom logos to matte, flat, glossy, and metallic color options, your customization ability is endless!

Eco-Friendly — When growing à la mode Mailers into what it is today, our focus was on creating eco-friendly poly mailers that helped small businesses grow. We are proud to have made that vision come to life with environmentally conscious, recyclable, reusable mailers.

Versatility — Poly mailers are the perfect combination of strength, flexibility, and durability. Depending on the size of your order, they are large enough to hold oddly shaped objects without ripping or tearing. And unlike traditional cardboard shipping boxes, poly mailers are waterproof, ensuring your products arrive safely in your customers’ hands.

You are just a few clicks away from creating a lasting impression on your clientele. Browse our poly mailers designs, or submit a custom order to begin working with one of our talented designers!

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What Our Customers are Saying

I am a reseller and I used those envelopes to shop all my products from shoes to clothes to accessories love them and my customers love them I get a lot of compliment on them

This is great!! & My customers love them as well. Great package. Will definitely be buying more when I need them <3 <3

These are perfect for shipping my products. The wood from my products has yet to destroy the integrity of the envelope. I love the thank you as well.